Unfortunately, the Aztecs season is over following a first-round exit vs. Syracuse on Friday night. So I figured why not begin the process of looking ahead to next season? This much we know the Aztecs, like all programs in today’s Division I basketball, will have some significant changes come next season. Here’s what we think we know heading into next season…

Replacing Matt Mitchell & Jordan Schakel

While the NCAA has granted all players an extra year of eligibility, it appears extremely unlikely that either Matt Mitchell or Jordan Schakel will return next season based on their post-game reactions following Friday’s loss to Syracuse. The…

Most podcasts flounder but yours doesn’t have to

Photo by Jukka Aalho on Unsplash

I know, I know. You’re podcast isn’t getting the clicks or the listens you had hoped for and you can’t explain why. You had a brilliant idea (or at least you thought) along with visions of thousands of downloads per episode but you’ve fallen woefully short of your goals. If you don’t start getting the results you want you’re going to quit on your podcast, like half of all podcasters. In fact, believe it or not but only 41% of podcasts have published ten or more episodes per MyPodcastReviews.com.

So why is your podcast falling short? Let’s count the ways:

Your logo is lacking

Penn State University’s Beaver Stadium; Photo by Andrew Gearhart on Unsplash

Athletic departments around the country are bracing for revenue losses and other challenges that will likely impact college sports for many years to come

I hate to say it but the COVID-19 pandemic will have a sweeping and lasting impact on athletic departments nationwide. That’s not hyperbole. In fact, the jolt is already being felt due to the uncertainties surrounding upcoming fall sports seasons, which could lead to revenue losses on campuses nationwide. The “Power 5” leagues — with hallmark programs like USC, Texas, Ohio State, Alabama and Clemson — annually combine to clear billions of dollars in athletic revenues, with a majority coming from college football. …

The new “Aztec Stadium” is scheduled for completion in 2022; Photo credit: San Diego State

The new venue will play home to San Diego State football, international soccer, concerts, and tons of other events.

San Diego is America’s Finest City, except when it comes to its current football stadium. The multi-purpose facility that used to house the San Diego Chargers and the San Diego Padres (and still is the home to the San Diego State Aztecs’ Division I football program) was completed in 1967 — over five decades ago. Objectively speaking, the aging SDCCU Stadium has no redeeming qualities and should have been replaced or modernized at least a decade ago. One of its scoreboard displays is missing light bulbs and appears to have the graphics capabilities of a 1980’s Nintendo Gameboy. …

You’ve been thinking about doing it for a while. Now’s the time.

Photo by Matt Botsford on Unsplash

I always wanted to start a podcast but I convinced myself I didn’t have the time. This went on for months, maybe even years. What will I talk about? Does anyone truly care about what I have to say? How much time do I need to commit to said podcast? Then the pandemic enveloped us, time stood still and frankly, the lame excuses ran out.

When I finally decided to get started on my podcast I had only two goals — produce one 15-minute episode per week and don’t obsess over how many people are (or aren’t) listening. That was…


Buckle up. Major League Baseball returns this summer to a ballpark near you

Photo by Mark Duffel on Unsplash

Finally. After months of bickering between billionaire owners and the millionaire players, baseball is back. Baseball, like almost every sport in this country, was halted in its tracks earlier this year by the Coronavirus pandemic. Now America’s pastime hopes to play a meaningful role in getting America back on its feet.

Baseball in 2020 might look a little different. Maybe a lot different in fact. The season is much shorter (just 60 games per team compared to 162 games in 2019), there are new rules (like the introduction of the Universal Designated Hitter) and of course a plethora of Health-and-Safety…

The Loose Cannons on XTRA 1360 Fox Sports San Diego (Left to Right: Me, Jon Schaeffer; Rich Ohrnberger; Steve Hartman)

For the first time in over a century, we’ve gone more than 100 days without major American professional sports in this country.

I’m an afternoon drive sports talk host on XTRA 1360 in San Diego — the longest running sports talk station in America’s Finest City. If you love sports, there’s nothing better than getting paid to talk about them for a living. Our days on the airwaves at XTRA are typically spent discussing local sports topics like Padres baseball, our disgust for the Chargers organization (San Diegans love to hate on their former NFL franchise after they moved to L.A. prior to the 2017 season) and San Diego State Aztecs college football and basketball. …

If you’re like most human beings, and you’ve always wanted to see a behind-the-scenes timelapse video of a complete field renovation, today’s your lucky day! This video was filmed over a two-week period in December and captured our entire field renovation process at Coca-Cola Park from start to finish. We threw in some compelling music and graphics and the finished product may just be the greatest field renovation timelapse video in American history (or at least top 5).

So click play, then sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

We know, we know. It’s only January 9th but let the record state that our Super Hero Nick Williams Bobblehead is the clubhouse leader for Bobblehead of the Year in 2017.

Why costume one of the top Phillies prospects in a super hero outfit for a bobblehead giveaway? Because Nick Williams made ‘out-of-this-world’ plays in the field night-in and night-out last year!

So, join us on Tuesday, May 2nd at Coca-Cola Park to grab one of these ultra-cool keepsakes and maybe (just maybe) you’ll get to see another super hero-like play from Williams in the field.

Want to see more 2017 promotions? Give us a follow Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as we’ll be making tons of exciting announcements throughout the month of January.

Jon Schaeffer

Kombucha drinker. Podcaster. Sportscaster. Follow me on Twitter & Instagram (@jonschaeffer) and listen to my podcast at SchaefferOnline.com.

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